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The rental series of Tide Power provides solutions adapted to the needs of the rental sector. It is our industry experience that enables us in providing custom made solution in meeting every demand. 
Our rental series covers ratings from 56 – 281 kVA which emphasis in safety, reliability, quality and usability which at the same time can reduce the number of maintenance hours and extending the service life of each generator set.
- Emergency generators (15-1250 KVA)
- Auto synchronized units for bigger load demand up to 32 MW
- Sound attenuated generators
- Load Banks (400-700 KW) With Dual voltage as standard (50 Hz and 60 Hz)
- Large capacity fuel tanks
- Power cables and power distribution ancillaries
- Mobile light towers
- Soundproofing Designed for fast installation and easy maintenance

Soundproof galvanized canopy
  • IP44 soundproof enclosure made of galvanized steel, phosphated and passivated with polyester power paint coating to ensure a resistance of 720 hours in salt spray test per B177-09 standard.
  • Its robust design, corrosion, protection and enhanced shock resistance extend the life span of the unit.
Manual oil pump
  • Allows for quicker, easier oil extraction, reducing task time by 90%.
Fuel fiter
  • High-performance. Reliability, guaranteeing 100% separation of water and fuel.          Filtration of particles over 30 microns.

Central lifting eyebolt
  • Facilitates lifting the genset for transport.
Aluminized steel exhaust silencer
Highly corrosion-resistant steel. Indudes water drainage system.
Silencer attenuation of-26 dB(A)
Protective cover
  • Prevents foreign objects from entering the silencer.
Earth pin
  • Included
Highly robust, easy-to-access terminals
  • Enable quick connection of power cables.
  • Prepared for quick change of grounding system; TT, TN or TI.
Auxiliary winding from 100kVA
  • Improved startup performance.
  • Includes a powerful system based on auxiliary windings built into the alternator stator, which means reliability, compactness and solid performance for engine startups and short circuits.
Cleaning hatch
  • Facilitates access to fuel tank for cleaning, preventing fuel contamination.
  • Includes a high-quality joint.
Battery isolator switch
  • Provides added safety during maintenance tasks by preventing the unit from starting up. Prevents battery discharge while the unit is idle.
Socket panel and 4-pole circuit breaker, IP67 sockets
  • 4-pole electromagnetic circuit breaker with differential protection.
  • Top-quality IP67 sockets individually protected by mini circuit breakers.
Electrical control panel
  • Includes Comap control module.
  • Displays a full range of status readings on the digital screen, including: voltage, cument, power, pressure and engine temperature. Includes communication ports RS-485 and RS-232
  • Electrical control panel protected by mini circuit breakers, with XD cabinet to improve sevice time.
  • Control panel includes 3 ammeters, 1 voltmeter, 1 frequency meter, 1 hour meter and i fuel gauge.