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Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited




Fujian Tide Power Company Limited


Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited


To all leaders of the industry, friends and partners


After incorporating in the year 2006 it has been over ten years for Tide Power in involving in the power generator manufacturing business. With the strong persisting perception of growing and developing ourselves, Tide Power has made its image of recognition with product innovation and succeeded the goal in having a good standing in the global market. This lied in the result of our unified team effort with good faith and the trust and support from our friends and working partners. In the course of the developing to what we behold currently, we have experienced countless setback and frustration but with our devoted spirit we managed to successfully going through all the hurdles. As the managing director of the company, I am very much proud and thankful to have such team and supporting friends which enable Tide Power to continue making progress on the right track. Our effort in the development of the business is highly valued by the industry and is recognized by our working partners and clients. By all means, I will continue leading the company to go for even higher ground and live up to the promise so as to answer to the continue support, contribution from the team members and friends.


For the purpose of bringing the company to further development and expansion, I am honor to announce the official joint venture with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited (Stock code: 300153) in which a new company will be set up in Hong Kong in denoting this cooperation. (Details of which can be viewed from the official announcement of Shanghai Cooltech Company Limited with notice no. 2016-062). We do believe that Tide Power System in having this new energy injection will definitely mean we will be moving up the ladder to the next level of success.

Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited established in the year 2002 in Shanghai and become a publicly listed company of the Zhenzhan Stock Exchange in 2010. The company based their business in the manufacturing of large internal combustion generators and gradually moved to energy contract management, new energy automobile, special auto remodeling, and distributed power transmission and distribution equipment. Tide Power System will surely benefit from their vast and effective management experience, sourcing advantage and financial platform in which it can enable us of having faster pace in the development of the business.


Tide Power System in enjoying the resources from Shanghai Cooltech Power will definitely make use of such advantage in growing Tide Power brand in the world energy market by expanding production capacity, improving and optimizing our product series as well as internationalize our sales and service network making New Tide Power the major world supplier of power generation and power solution provider.

Here, as the Managing Director of Tide Power System and under the leadership of the Board, I do hope we can make the best use of this new stage in avail ourselves in becoming The New Tide Power member and continue contributing our effect as always in achieving our goal. We also hope that all our friends and partners in the industry can continue with their support and enjoy the fruitful result with us.


Thanks and all the best


Fujian Tide Power System Company Limited.
Tan Yee Fong
Managing Director